The career that started in 1996 as a cub journalist, in Peshawar, took me from covering militancy, terrorism, health, elections and economy in northern Pakistan to report on culture, food and festivities in the streets of Iran and Turkey. The journey continued to cover international politics and diplomacy in the Middle East and report campaigns and elections to the office of the US President from New York. All this is a great learning experience.

Started with national print media and moved on to electronic and digital media. Worked and earned experience with BBC, The Independent, Voice of America, Geo and Khyber Television, contributing impeccable stories with impact.

After 25 years of diverse and unique journalistic expedition, I meet you here at the Cross Road –, to share stories from art and culture, politics and economy and learn from your feedback and impressions.

YOU know but if you want to add more to what you know in a cool and calm fashion without noise then YOU are at the right place as I would be sharing with you the knowledge and wisdom gained over 25 years by working nationally and internationally and we (you and me) will be exchanging views mutually enlightening each other.

You will read and watch here, exclusive features and videos on the culture, art, poetry, music, colour, food, sights and sounds and the wonderful tourists spots and truly heavenly places in northern Pakistan, to refresh your memories or/and plan a visit to these wonderful scenic destinations, along with your family or friends. You will get all the info needed and may ask for more.  You ask and you suggest we get it for you. Click to subscribe, turn on notifications, watch and share your impressions and ideas.

YOU do watch news and current affairs but if You want to get candid, balanced, fact-based news and analysis on issues that affects you and the economy you live in, again, you have clicked the right link. Here YOU will watch facts isolated from opinion and issues raised that matters for you and you will read, and watch opinion based on facts. Subscribe and have your say through comments and live interactions.

Your constructive feed is what we strive on.  Click to subscribe, turn on notifications, watch and read.

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